Dear Chester,
Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your books and songs with our kids. They enjoyed your performance so much and I also had great feedback from our teachers. You were able to get some very important values over to the students in a fun way. Thanks so much for a rewarding visit.
Betty McManamon, Librarian
- Haskell Consolidated I.S.D.
Dear Chester Drawers,
Thank you for coming to Plainview. I understand the message to don't do drugs and reading will take you places.
Your friend,
T.V. - Plainview, OK

The children love Chester Drawers, and they enjoy getting some personal attention with an autographed picture and a book or two.

  • "You are grate." Kayla - Tx
  • "I like when we sing." Ashley -TX
  • "You are like the best boy ever." Moegan - TX
  • "Chester Drawers is very, very, very funny." LuQuaries - TX
  • "U are a little nutty but a great athor and funny." Patty - OK
  • "You are my best friend." Trenton - OK
  • "You are a wonderful joke teller, song writer and author." Monica - AR
  • "I wish you were some part of my family." Carol - AR
  • "I been thinking about being a drawer like you and will try some gravy on a bucket lid." Nathan - AR
  • "Will you bring a real million dollar bill next time?" Wally - AR
  • "I love you Chester Drawers."
  • "I love your songs Mr. Drawers. How do you do it?" Abby - MS
  • "I love your tape. I can't stop listening to it." Laura - MS

    Some comments from the teachers...

  • "You're so good with children." Sherrie, Pre-school teacher - AR
  • "My class thoroughly enjoyed your visit...it was comical, uplifting and educational." Dana, 4th Grade Teacher - AR
  • "Your books and songs were wonderful and you were great!" Paula, H.S Librarian - AR
  • "The assembly was a huge success. The students love the songs and stories, while the teachers love the positive messages? You are fantastic!" Teresa, Elementary Librarian - AR
  • "Anytime you can get kindergarteners to sit and listen you have done something truly entertaining. Thank you! Room KC - AR
  • "You have a great way of presenting important lessons we all need!" 4th Grade Teacher - MS

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